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“As the founders of MediPay it became clear to us in early 2020 that we needed capital and some expertise to accelerate the growth of the company. Having been funded by friends-and-family we identified the need for us to partner with an institutional investor who could add value as well.”

The question that we faced was, “Who was the right partner”?

Having close interaction with the Greenwich team over a period of six months we came to the conclusion that they were the right partner for us. They agreed to invest capital in a way that aligned with our strategy and growth plans.

Greenwich’s “family office” approach of deploying capital for long term objectives as opposed to some private equity investors with short term horizons was also a key factor in us selecting Greenwich.

The Greenwich team walk-the-talk in their partnership approach. This was evident early on in the due diligence process and continued all the way through finalising the legal documentation and closing their investment.”

– Jonathan Smuskowitz


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