The important thing in investing is to be true to your compass.


Opportunity to invest in the alternative investments sector in Australia

Patient Equity
Patient Equity
Real Estate
Real Estate
Specialised Finance
Specialised Finance

Our Approach

  • We seek to build long-lasting partnerships with our investment companies and investors.

  • In partnership with high quality management teams to build businesses over the long term.

  • We form trust and credibility by being patient and being truthful.

  • We continuously share our insights with businesses and investors.

The Process

Our investment process is well defined and focuses on the under-discovered private market.


Through our proprietary system and extensive network in the private market, we have deep access and reach into service-based mid-market companies in Australia seeking patient equity. Our partnership with asset specialists provides further access to other alternative investment opportunities.


Our partnership methodology defines how we engage with private businesses and ensures their growth pathways are clearly defined and supported.


Across the different sectors, we have generated deep insights through our experience, research and analysis which has allowed us to continuously recalibrate to where the opportunities are.

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Greenwich provides investors access to a variety of alternative investment opportunities. We create investment products for investors outside the traditional universe of investment opportunities.


If you’re a sophisticated/institutional investor or financial advisor, please contact our team.