We all have a responsibility in making our communities a better place…

Inspiring our Thriving Partners

Our beliefs and principles drive everything we do at Greenwich.


We define responsible investing as connecting investors to the environmental, social and governance issues around us and ensuring that our capital and activities support businesses that also share these values.


We seek long term sustainable returns from businesses that are providing a positive impact to our societies.


We are striving to create a better environment for our investee companies, employees, customers and communities.


This includes committing a % of our revenue to:


We will drive outperformance in Australia’s most promising emerging companies, delivering returns beyond the expectations of their owners and investors.


To use our investment partnering approach to grow value for all stakeholders in the next generation of great Australian companies.


Our values governs the responsible approach with our GREAT partners:


  • Genuine in our commitment; to
  • Relate to our partners’ needs;
  • Embrace their purpose;
  • Associate with their attributes; and to
  • Trust each other.

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