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Greenwich means time to grow. In a measured, yet refreshingly 
collaborative way. At the heart of this is our patient capital philosophy, because it takes time to make good companies great. The result is a meaningful impact that builds sustainable value for all.
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Strategic value every step of the way.

In an environment driven by innovation, our team stands out with a diverse blend of backgrounds and skillsets. From market-leading research and analysis to a deep understanding of value creation, tailored corporate strategy, and business development, we bring a multifaceted approach to every engagement.

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Business Partners.

The opportunity is now.

The Australian business environment is growing in complexity and changing rapidly. With these challenges come great opportunities. Whether you’re starting your business journey or well-established, we’re geared up to swiftly identify and invest in the areas where there’s most potential for your business to grow – without losing control. Are you ready to join the next generation of great Australian companies?

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Unlocking hidden potential.

Are you looking for portfolio diversification and investment optimisation?

Since 2010, we’ve been developing and investing in deep relationships, connecting to over +25,000 emerging companies, which gives us access to the private capital market for you to tap into. This presents hidden investment opportunities in key Australian growth areas. Our active partnership approach and strong governance aim to protect and grow your wealth. Furthermore, the Greenwich management team has a significant involvement in its portfolio that ensures alignment of shared interests and business goals.

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The Greenwich

Our genuine difference is that we are long-term investment-minded, not short-term transaction-driven. Being a balance sheet investor, we have no dictated fund life or selling requirement. We know it takes time to grow a great company or an investment portfolio. We’re patient investors, yet equally thrive on being active partners. Beyond our financial involvement, our partnership capital approach adds strategic value to every business – every step of the way.

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Exit Strategy Options – Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Introduction Exit strategies are pivotal elements in the lifecycle of any business. These strategies serve as a roadmap for stakeholders…
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Chessboard representing complcation in the exit strategy

Exit Strategy Options – Strategic Sale

Introduction Selling your business, whether a small-scale operation or a multi-generational family venture, demands meticulous planning and strategic decision-making. This…
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