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Unlocking your
hidden potential.

Are you looking for portfolio diversification and investment optimisation? We’re an absolute, high-conviction, returns-driven investment group.

Since 2010, we’ve been developing and investing in deep relationships that give us access to the private capital market. Our approach is based on building trust and credibility in partnering with high-quality management teams to build businesses over the long term. This presents hidden investment opportunities in a diverse range of key Australian growth sectors.

Alpha performance.

Our team’s extensive investment, corporate advisory and consulting experience contributes to optimal business and portfolio performance. The active partnership approach we take and the governance framework we employ further ensure a greater appreciation of the portfolio’s full potential to outperform the overall market over time.

The board of directors and management owns over 50% of the group and we are strongly align with our investors to drive out performance.

The Greenwich

Underpinning our investment thesis, we have developed a well-structured, absolute return portfolio that provides equity-like returns whilst exhibiting minimal correlation to the listed equity and bond markets. We seek to invest in event-driven or value-driven situations that have been proven to be successful since 2010.

Rather than charging base or performance fees, we instead focus on enhancing the effectiveness of our partner firms’ operations via our added capability. This allows our portfolio to grow sustainably without unnecessary costs, leverage or financial engineering. With the board of directors and management owning over 50% of the group, we strongly align with our investors to drive out performance.


What makes Greenwich unique in the private equity space?

We have a strong focus on building long-term relationships with high-quality management teams, which provides access to hidden investment opportunities across various key Australian growth sectors. Our investment approach is for the long term as we believe it takes more than 3-5 years to realise the full potential of an investment.

How is Greenwich as a business structured in alignment with its shareholders?

Greenwich’s management team and the board represent a significant portion of the capital table, ensuring adequate “skin in the game” and alignment with investors to drive outperformance of portfolio companies.

How does investing in Greenwich help with the diversification of my portfolio?

We facilitate portfolio diversification by providing investors exposure to private markets. This diversification strategy enhances the resilience of investors’ portfolios by reducing reliance on public markets and offering unique, uncorrelated investment opportunities, contributing to a well-balanced and diversified investment strategy.

How does Greenwich select its investment opportunities?

Our selection criteria are based on in-depth market research across all sectors that gives rise to core investment themes. These investment themes guide us in our market outreach and are continually refined to include new sectors so that emerging trends and opportunities are captured.

What is Greenwich’s risk management approach to its investments?

At the investment stage for any given opportunity, we employ a proactive approach to risk mitigation by leveraging its investment methodology, which has been carefully refined and developed over the years, driven by extensive experience. Our investment process includes multiple stage gates to assess each opportunity, ensuring key risks are identified and managed appropriately.

As part of any investments, our key requirement is to put in place or improve the governance structure of the business. This ensures that it has ongoing visibility to all aspects of the business from a risk management perspective.

Does Greenwich charge fees for portfolio management?

We do not charge any base management or performance fees for actively managing the investment portfolio. Instead, our wholly-owned advisory arm originates, advises and manages the investments, generating revenue.

What are private markets?

Private markets refer to financial markets where assets are bought and sold outside public stock exchanges and are not accessible to the general public. We provide access through trusted relationships with high-quality management teams and extensive industry knowledge, identifying hidden investment opportunities across various sectors.

What is the minimum investment required to become a part of Greenwich?

Please contact us directly to discuss investment requirements, which may vary based on specific opportunities and strategies.