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Investing in your
independent vision.

Why partner with Greenwich? We thought it was time for a genuine alternative in the private capital market. We were tired of seeing good companies not fully realising their potential. As a leading partner to growing Australian private businesses, Greenwich can unlock hidden growth potential in this underserved, under-capitalised, and under-discovered market sector.

Essentially, we can back your independent vision and give you more freedom and flexibility to match your ambition. Our values are built around being a GREAT partner to businesses like yours.

Relate to others
Embrace their purpose
Associate with their attributes
Trust each other

It’s the best way we know to grow business value and a brand reputation that we all proudly own.

Growing together.

We don’t just sit on the sidelines. We are active partners. This recognises that the long-term value of the business is based on the ability to develop and execute upon a clear and targeted strategic plan. This is why, over time, we are committed to providing ongoing support in strategic development, operational and process improvement, governance, leadership and talent. This extends to bringing in industry and subject matter experts in the areas that count most. This collaborative approach ensures that our investments and your ambitions are aligned to reach their fullest potential.

value creation.

Because our focus is not on a rapid return on our investment, you have the flexibility to explore growth initiatives. It’s a powerful combination of collaboration and acumen that’s been proven time and again to add real momentum. Are you going where the future of private business is going?

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Making it happen.

Our partnership approach gives you the freedom to grow and together, accelerate the value you have created.

Providing patient capital for sustainable growth

Working together as equitable partners

Identifying sustainable growth pathways for your business

Retaining your day-to-day flexibility to keep growing

Respecting and enhancing the legacy you have created

Protecting assets, not diminishing them

Succession planning that ensures ongoing success

Providing governance support to uphold mutual integrity

Our advisory capabilities further provide our Business Partners with the confidence to focus on value creation every step of the way.

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Our investment




Exploratory discussions

This is an informal discussion either over VC or in-person to learn more about you and your business. We will also take the opportunity to give you an understanding of our investment philosophy, approach and examples of our partnership success stories.


Initial Review

We will undertake a desktop review of your business, such as reviewing your financial accounts and business plan. A confidentiality agreement will be organised prior to the sharing of information to ensure that your information is protected.


Term Sheet

You will receive an indicative non-binding term sheet that sets out the key terms and conditions of an investment. This will typically include business valuation, investment structure, shareholder rights, governance, costs, etc. We will work with you to agree and finalise the terms.


Due diligence

External advisors will be appointed to conduct detailed diligence of your business. This will include legal, tax, financial and commercial due diligence. This is for the benefit of the partnership so that the parties fully understand all aspects of the business.


Legal documentation

The non-binding term sheet is converted into legally binding agreements for the investment. At this stage, the legal advisors will work closely with each other to ensure the agreed terms are reflected in the documents.



Once the legal documents are signed, the investment takes place with the new ownership structure. This is where the first board meeting of the new partnership takes place.


Growth Partnership

We continue to work together to grow the business as partners with Greenwich, while also providing its advisory capability support to you.


Case Studies

GTK Pty Ltd

As we looked to retirement, we sought an equity partner who would help us realise the right value as we exited, capitalise the business for growth and bring the necessary skill set for positive change.
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What stage of business do you look at investing?

Greenwich’s investment mandate focuses on businesses with an annual turnover of over $10m. However, if the business is turning over $5m and there is a clear pathway to growth, we will consider the opportunity as well.

Will I have to give up control of my business?

We typically seek to invest anywhere from 20% to 50% of the business. However, we view our investments as a joint venture with you and, therefore, require an appropriate governance structure put in place as part of the investment. This can include board representation with voting rights.

What is the typical cheque size?

Our investment is tailored to each opportunity and varies depending on the circumstances.

Is Greenwich the exclusive capital provider as part of the partnership program? What if I have parties that are interested in investing?

No. We welcome other parties (in particular employees) to participate as it reduces the level of investment risk from our perspective.

I need funding now; what is the typical timeframe for investment?

The investment process typically takes anywhere from three to six months, depending on the nature and complexity of funding. Where the opportunity does not meet Greenwich’s direct investment criteria, a capital raise can still go ahead with Greenwich assisting in the process as the lead manager.

What are the typical assessment criteria for investment?

The investment criteria are dependent on the individual business circumstances, but typical factors include:

  • Favourable industry and regulatory environment
  • Quality and characteristics of revenue
  • Track record of historical performance
  • Quality and stability of management
  • Minimum hurdle rate of 20% subject to the risk profile of the opportunity

Is your business eligible
for partnership?

Growing together starts here.

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