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“We had built a successful business over 28 years in the disability technology sector. As we looked to retirement, we sought an equity partner who would help us realise the right value as we exited, capitalise the business for growth and bring the necessary skill set for positive change.

Most importantly we wanted to protect our legacy, especially given the sensitivities of the market in which we operated and the amazing staff and client base we developed over many years.

Greenwich understood all these requirements. The financial structure they established delivered the exit value we sought as well as establishing a strong base for the business going forward. Their operational expertise created efficiencies the company needed whilst ensuring positive staff engagement. They quickly grasped the special nuances of the disability market, understanding that delivering the right solution for the clients is the best long term driver of business value. Their professionalism throughout the entire process impressed us.“

– Greg and Marg Kline
Founders of GTK


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as at Jun-23
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