The wise only speak of what they know.

J R R Tolkien


K-12 Education Technology (2020)
The Australian K-12 education sector trails behind other sectors in the adoption of digital resources. We believe this is about to change. But like the e-commerce companies of the dotcom era, not all of today’s EdTech companies will be winners.
Residential Aged Care (2020)
From Greenwich’s perspective we see many opportunities in the residential aged care sector despite its various challenges. Our hypothesis is that fundamentally “the residential care business is attractive” but will require various interventions and investments as outlined in the white paper.
In-home Aged Care (2018)
Aged care is undergoing a complete transformation from being supply-determined to demand driven. The paper also seeks to identify the implications for residential care. The answer to the question “what does it take to be successful in the in-home care market?” is to approach the industry as an entrepreneur would, if he or she was seeking to build a prospectus to attract equity investors, or a business case for debt funding from a bank. The sort of rigour and discipline which the entrepreneur would bring to bear is what it will take to be successful for all participants, old or new.

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