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We are pleased to announce that Greenwich has further expanded its investment portfolio with the strategic acquisition of 24/7 Fuels, a leader in onsite refuelling and bulk delivery of fuel products based in Sydney. Partnering with Conplant Pty Ltd (Conplant), Australia’s leading compaction equipment specialist, the partnership brings together a unique combination of financial expertise and deep operating capabilities.

Jonathan Warrand (Managing Director, Greenwich): “This is the start of a new journey for Greenwich investing in the industrial distribution sector and partnering with Conplant, a leading Australian rental company. While this is our first partnership with Conplant, we have known them for over three years and have built a strong trusted relationship in that time.”

The partnership’s collective vision will see:

– Greenwich brings its capabilities to focus on strategy, capital and governance to effectively support 24/7 Fuels in its next stage of growth.

– Conplant’s deep operating capabilities leveraging to further enhance the company’s fleet, optimise operational processes, and meet the evolving demands of a growing customer base. Conplant’s comprehensive knowledge of the compaction equipment market and its extensive network within the industry can facilitate strategic partnerships and collaborations for 24/7 Fuels.

The partnership’s combined capabilities create a strong competitive advantage, to enable 24/7 Fuels to expand its services and explore new markets across Australia. As a successful and efficient operator, the partnership’s interim focus is to minimise disruption to the business and continue to maintain its high customer satisfaction rates.

Over the short to medium term, there are options to grow 24/7 Fuel’s offering through geographical expansion into underserved regions as well as increasing and enhancing the truck and storage tank fleet.

Ian Coleman (Managing Director, Conplant), summarised the opportunity well, noting the following:

“24/7 Fuels is a fantastic business. It has an entrenched customer service focus that has seen the business grow and thrive. We’re proud and excited to be partnering with Greenwich, a partnership that will see 24/7 Fuels continue to grow and expand its offering for 24/7 Fuels current and future customers ”.

About 24/7 Fuels

24/7 Fuels Pty Ltd is a leading industrial distribution group based in Sydney, Australia. Established in 2016, the company is a trusted provider of onsite refuelling and bulk fuel delivery services to major infrastructure projects, critical infrastructure facilities, and diverse industries across NSW.

Investment into 24/7 Fuels

With a strong focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, 24/7 Fuels is well-regarded for its high-quality service and on-time performance. The company’s commitment to meeting customer demands is evident through its ability to handle emergency and same-day deliveries, ensuring uninterrupted operations for its clients. 24/7 Fuels excel in time-critical deliveries, catering to industries that rely on precise scheduling, such as transportation and construction.

The company specialises in catering to various fuel requirements, including low-volume orders. This customer-centric approach allows them to serve a wide range of businesses, accommodating their unique needs. Their mid-bulk deliveries utilise efficient and compact trucks, enabling them to navigate all locations with ease, even in restricted-access areas.

Other services include a range of self-bunded diesel storage tanks to provide customers with a constant clean supply of diesel that can be accessed at any time. The tanks are fitted with a standalone, solar-powered pumping system and are designed to exceed Australian environmental and safety standards.


About Conplant

Conplant Pty Ltd is a leading Australian company specialising in compaction equipment solutions. With over 60 years of industry experience, Conplant has established itself as a trusted provider of equipment, services, and expertise in the construction, civil infrastructure, and mining sectors.

The company offers a comprehensive range of compaction equipment, including rollers, compactors, and related accessories, sourced from top manufacturers worldwide. Their extensive fleet of modern and well-maintained equipment ensures that customers have access to the latest technologies for their compaction needs.

Conplant’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its focus on delivering exceptional service and support. Their team of highly skilled technicians provides expert advice, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring that equipment operates at peak performance and minimising downtime. With a nationwide network, Conplant offers prompt and reliable service to customers across Australia.


About Greenwich

Greenwich is a leading partner to growing Australian private businesses, a market we believe is enriched with hidden growth potential and is underserved, under-capitalised and under-discovered. We specialise in providing capital and/or capability for businesses to thrive in the future and we focus on the sectors that are expected to be the engine of Australia’s economic growth generating the next great companies.

Greenwich is committed to building sustainable businesses that generate wealth for owners and investors over the long term. We strongly believe that great businesses are not built overnight, and we reflect this belief in our investment philosophy. Our vision is to be the most sought-after provider of patient capital. Patient in the sense that we invest time and effort to partner with the right business and that, unlike private equity, we have no defined fixed investment horizon.


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